At R E Dinneen Architects & Planners, Inc. we are always interested in exceptional candidates who are seeking employment opportunities. We welcome applications ranging from students applying for internships, to highly seasoned, senior individuals. If we are advertising for a position, or you are just reaching out, we encourage you to send a resume, cover letter, and work samples. Inquiries should be e-mailed to the address provided below.

We review all applications carefully. If we have an opening, and feel that your qualifications meet out requirements, you will be contacted by phone or e-mail. If we do not have an opening, and feel that you may be well matched for future opportunities, your resume will be filed and kept for future reference (generally 1-year). Occasionally, when time permits, we do engage in informational interviews. We regret that we cannot receive phone calls, or send personal replies to all applications.

We are a diverse group of individuals who are represented by a range of ages, cultures and backgrounds. All of us have come to the practice of architecture and design through different avenues. Overwhelmingly, we share a mutual respect for each other’s personalities, ideas and skill sets. What unites us is a strong passion and drive to provide outstanding service to our clients.

We hope that you decide to spend some part of your career at R E Dinneen. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, opportunities, 401k Plan and Profit Sharing Plan. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed a workplace culture based upon respect and performance.

Inquiries should be forwarded to: