Cognition Financial Boston, MA

Cognition Financial is a leading provider of educational finance and payment solutions for students and their families.

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With the company’s re-branding and move to private ownership, Cognition sought a Boston headquarters which would be reflective of their new, innovative, business model. Boston Properties’ 60-story, 200 Clarendon Street property provided the ideal Back Bay location. The design theme incorporates exposed steel structure with decking above and polished concrete floors, all emphasizing Cognition’s move away from the traditional to a start-up company. I.M. Pei’s building architecture, with large expanses of glass, is the catalyst for ample interior glazing further enhancing a transparent feel. The nucleus of Cognition’s space consists of low-benching workstations that provide a collaborative work area for about 80 people. Pendant, LED, tubular lighting creates a uniform rhythm uniting the interior architecture with the furniture below. Supporting this open area are telephone rooms, break areas, interior private offices, three conference rooms, boardroom, cafeteria and admin functions. The client’s extensive collection of photographic prints of early 20th century collegiate life further complements the space.

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