Since 1982 we have been designing spaces for young and old, to work, learn and play.  These spaces are found in corporate businesses, academia, and recreational venues. They include office environments, classrooms, instructional areas, customer contact, training facilities and a variety of places where people are engaged in their daily activities.

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Clearly, over these years there have been a great many changes to design attitudes from an emphasis on uniformity and standards, to creating environments that offer choice as to how and where people perform their work, receive instruction, or relax.  Today, we embrace a pluralistic approach that endeavors to enrich an individual’s emotional, cognitive and physical well-being. A variety of spaces are blended to recognize team-based innovation and socialization, with an individual’s need for privacy and quiet contemplative time. The projects we have completed for our clients reflect these attitudes with touch-down hubs, ready access technology, easily re-configured offices, mini break-out rooms, open-bench workstation neighborhoods, lily pads, and a variety of team environments.

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