Addgene, Watertown, MA

Addgene is a global, non-profit organization that archives and distributes plasmids (DNA-based research reagents), while also providing free molecular biology resources for the scientific community. Plasmids are much used in the laboratory manipulation and study of genes. Addgene plays a key role in helping scientists overcome logistical barriers to sharing and optimizing resources.

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After growing out of their first REDAP-designed facilities at 75 Sidney Street in Cambridge, MA, Addgene secured a lease in the newly completed LINX complex at 490 Arsenal Way in Watertown. With available office and lab space in the Cambridge area scarce, surrounding communities like Watertown are attracting Life Sciences companies requiring larger spaces while still remaining close to public transportation and other urban amenities. Anticipating further growth in the coming years, Addgene leased 40,000 SF of space, with 25% of the suite to be sub-leased to a similar Life Science tenant. REDAP lead the task of demising an appropriately sized suite, and space planned both the Addgene program and the sub-lease tenant suite to minimize construction in the future when the two spaces are adjoined. In keeping with the company culture, the design maximizes the traits of the building by using an open ceiling layout and keeping built elements to a minimum. Openness and a variety of areas to collaborate were paramount. REDAP worked closely with the branding and culture committees to develop color schemes that would reflect the different departmental neighborhoods, while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the space. The labs are contiguous with the labs of the tenant suite, assuring the costly build-out of a new lab is avoided in the future expansion into the sub-lease space.

R E Dinneen worked on this project in partnership with AHA Consulting Engineers, McNamara & Salvia, Code Red Consultants, Lam Partners, AJB Lab Planning, PIDC Construction and Union Office Interiors. The construction was completed in October 2018.

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