Concert Pharmaceuticals

Concert Pharmaceuticals uses patented technology to discover and develop innovative new medicines. Their focus is on improving approved drugs using their deuterium chemistry, expanding the drug’s potential and usage. This approach aims to enable drug discovery and clinical development that is more efficient and less expensive than conventional drug research and development.

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After outgrowing their previous facilities at Longwood Center, Concert Therapeutics seized the opportunity to secure a 55,000 SF suite at 65 Hayden Avenue in Lexington MA. The newly refurbished building by REDAP, occupied for many years by Merck Pharmaceuticals has been recently upgraded for multi-tenant use and offered unique opportunities for Concert. Aside from remaining in the same neighborhood, the property offered a trove of laboratory spaces vacated by the previous tenant that could be repurposed to serve Concert’s science needs. With surgical precision, REDAP carved the space to insert a new H-2 Chemistry Lab, repurposed the science spaces, and created new offices and collaboration areas to accommodate present needs as well as future growth. For the first time in many years, all Concert staff occupies one contiguous space, facilitating their work process. The new facility also offers Concert a very visible presence, looking out on the dramatic atrium of the office building. With their long term space needs fulfilled, Concert employees are better served to concentrate their efforts to the development of their science, and remain a major player in the pharmaceutical industry.

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