Crispr Therapeutics

Crispr Therapeutics is developing transformative gene-based medicines to treat patients with a wide- range of serious illness. CRISPR-Cas9 technology allows scientists to make changes to specific genes in living cells and is quickly reinventing genetic research.

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Throughout the space the design theme supports an interactive and collaborative work environment. Crispr places a high priority on giving their employees an interesting environment with multiple work- style options. The office areas use 120 degree work stations with low privacy screens linked together in small arrays. These are supported by few private offices, conference rooms, multiple huddle rooms, a centrally located shared lounge, break room, and board room for presentations and company gatherings. The research area consists of a main Biology Lab and 2 tissue culture rooms.

Crispr had no pre-determined color palette. Working closely with co-founder and CEO Dr. Rodger Novak it was determined that a light and airy feel was desired. Bright red, yellow and orange were used as accents against a range of whites and grays. Each of the conference and meeting rooms were further identified with a unique color selection. Colors are also reflected in the furniture fabrics and finishes.

Lighting plays a significant role in the way the different areas work together. A light cove in the central office and lounge area unifies the space and changes the perception of its geometry. Above the work stations linear pendants follow the center spin of the furniture and enhance its configuration. Open, spherical pendants serve as accents in the conference and meeting rooms with open-bench style work stations, minimal private offices, a central core which include lounge seating, huddle rooms for informal meetings, break-out kitchenette with adjacent board room.

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