Exosome Diagnostics, Waltham MA

Exosome Diagnostics is focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary, bio-fluid based diagnostics to deliver personalized healthcare for the diagnosis, detection, and treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

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The new facility includes 28,000sf of office space and diagnostic labs. The office area has a glassed-in board room, private offices, internal breakroom/café, telephone and huddle rooms, and open office areas utilizing a low partition benching system. The specialized labs include: accessioning and extraction, RNA pre-amplification and post amplification, R&D extraction, shaker/protein room, bio-bank storage, finished goods, final testing, shipping and receiving, and support functions. The design theme draws from the bright colors of the Exosome logo – blue, green and orange. The young, energetic company, and the people who work here, sought a contemporary and dynamic environment reflective of their cutting-edge science. Carpet and vinyl plank flooring are grays and black offset by bright accent wall colors. The furniture throughout is sleek and contemporary and incorporates the Exosome colors. The focal point is the café with a combination of high-top tables and a variety of flexible seating. It functions as a gathering place for meetings and social interaction.

“Everyone who comes here gives us compliments on our new space. It’s a nice, clean look. The design process was a true collaboration and we always felt that Dinneen was sensitive to our concerns. The open-office seating has worked out well and the scientists love having a work area outside the labs. The huddle rooms get used a lot; both by people who need more privacy, or out of town guests who need to set up for a while. The space is great and we are all very happy.”

Eri McMullen
Operations/Lab Manager

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