Fulcrum Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA

Fulcrum is at the forefront of gene regulation therapy, and is developing therapies by modulating the expression of genes that drive diseases.

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Fulcrum occupies about 28,000sf on the 4th and 5th floors of the Jackson Building in MIT’s University Office Park. One of the design challenges was to take advantage of the unique geometry of the building – a c-shaped floor plan with no ninety-degree corners – and provide spaces that are open, light and conducive to collaboration. The 4th floor, being the smaller suite, houses the main breakroom and meeting areas in addition to open and private offices. The 5th floor has all the science spaces on one level, and includes four specialty tissue culture labs and robotics lab, along with reception, board room, executive, and general office space. The finishes were selected to create a warm and inviting environment that would be a counter point to the science spaces. The Fulcrum logo colors – primarily a blue palette – are incorporated in the furniture accent pieces throughout.

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