Ironwood PH4

With Ironwood’s successful launch of LINZESS and its commitment to strengthen the clinical profile of Constella, the treatment for gastrointestinal illnesses, Ironwood’s marketing needs were expanding. R E Dinneen was retained to design facilities for a newly formed marketing group who would exclusively concentrate on this new drug.

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Ironwood examined the groups work strategy and specialized needs and wanted an environment which would support team collaboration, and a staff which was on the road the much of the time. The goal was maximum flexibility for both individuals and teams. With about 1/3 of the group being mobile, unassigned hotelling, touchdown spaces and huddle rooms would replace many cubicles and private offices. The result was a plan which supports people working in both the physical and virtual space, which accommodates telepresence and HD videoconferencing. At the center of the space is a café forming a central, social hub. With a clear vision from leadership, employees have been given the opportunity to share in developing the way the space – critical to the projects success.

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