Replimune is pioneering a new generation of cancer treatments that combine multiple mechanisms of action, enhancing the ability of viruses to replicate and kill cancer cells. This generates a powerful patient-specific immune response. These so-called oncolytic viruses have the unique ability to generate an autologous immune response to the patient’s particular tumor composition.

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As the first tenant in the newly renovated 33 NY Avenue complex, Replimune secured approximately 63,000 SF of space to combine corporate office facilities, R&D laboratories, and manufacturing space. Occupying the entire second floor of the complex with the office and lab portion of the program, the first floor high-bay space was used for the cGMP facility, warehouse, and quality control. A large portion of the first floor space was set aside for future expansion. To maximize efficiencies, a mechanical mezzanine was built over the entire manufacturing area.

The office area celebrates the industrial character of the complex by featuring the structural cross-bracing elements as design focal points. Areas where the bracing was located were glazed to enhance, rather than hide the structure. Saturated accent colors drawn from the company’s branding emphasize the structure. To provide a counterpoint to the enclosed manufacturing areas, the office space was conceived as an open and light filled place with a soft and calming color palette and an emphasis on wellness and community. Views to both the exterior landscape and the interior spaces are mostly uninterrupted, creating a continuous flow of space throughout the entire office area. Plenty of space is dedicated to meeting rooms and collaborating areas, allowing the scientists many opportunities for the teamwork necessary for this groundbreaking work. The R&D and manufacturing areas are clean and state of the art, reflecting the unique nature and innovation of the work being produced within. Direct access to common exterior recreation spaces continue the sense of community by allowing interaction with other neighbors in the complex.

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