Scholar Rock, Cambridge, MA

Scholar Rock is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing drugs that selectively target cellular activation of growth factors in the disease micro-environment.  The company is focusing on treatments for muscular diseases, fibroses, auto-immunity and immune-oncology.

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The company is named after Chinese Scholar Rocks, traditionally appreciated by scholars and are often seen in outside gardens, or displayed inside in a place of prominence. The rocks represent a focus for meditation and as such, served as the inspiration for the calming, Zen-like color palette.

One enters into an open office area where a high-contrast charcoal carpet with accents of blue and green sets off the saturated wall colors of deep chartreuse, jade and blue. Here scientists work in conjunction with their time in the laboratory. The main conference room utilizes dusty green grass-cloth and rich grey tones providing a back drop to the Scholar Rock.  Smaller meeting areas, private offices and touch down spaces are defined by softer ranges of colors.  The labs are concentrated along one side and include two tissue culture rooms, a specialty lab, large biology lab, cold room, freezer farm, glass wash and support areas.

“All of our employees love the new space and how well it’s laid out.  The low partitions in the office area allow people to communicate more freely and more often.  R E Dinneen was very sensitive to our concerns and what we were trying to accomplish.  The design team was helpful, creative, and responsive. Participating in the design process was enjoyable and really a lot of fun. Your recommendations were “spot-on” and we are all very pleased with the end result.”
Scott Murphy
Sr. Director, Finance

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