Synlogic, Cambridge, MA

Synlogic is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery and development of synthetic biotic medicines to treat metabolic, inflammatory, and cancer diseases.

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The culture of Synlogic is egalitarian and Senior Management wanted their new, 41,000sf facility to reflect its staff-centric philosophy. Private offices are very limited, and there are many huddle spaces and small conference rooms that can be converted into project spaces and team work areas. The open plan work stations are electronically controlled for both sitting and standing positions. The office area connects to a lunchroom/meeting space that serves as a central hub with a large span of glass that looks through to the main Biology Lab. The gray/blue color scheme is contrasted with orange accent colors, rustic wood, and soft gray patterned flooring.

There is a main Biology Lab, Product Development Lab where small batch quantities are prepared for clinical trials, Tissue Culture, lab support, and Animal Care Facility.

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